"When a common sword just won't cut it"


I am now offering all of my highly detailed and helpful tutorials to anyone interested in trying their own hand at customizing a modern production Japanese style sword.
I have compiled information based on my methods into an easy to follow, step by step format (with lot’s of pictures) so that anyone with the desire can learn to do this work themselves. 
You can now have access to all of these easy to follow DIY tutorials for FREE! The methods used herein are designed for modern made production swords and may not be suitable for nihonto or valuable antiques. 


Lacquering Ito

Fitting a Loose Tsuba

Rokusho Patina

Making Hishigami

Rust Patina

Carving a Tsuka

Full Wrap Samegawa

Making Mekugi


How to clean your blade



I apologize to anyone looking for these tutorials posted on the sword forums. I’ve worked very hard in creating them and unfortunately, there have been a lot of websites “borrowing” this info without permission lately, so I felt I needed to move them to a more secure location. I also want to do my best to ensure that those gaining access now are really just people looking to learn and not anyone from a retail website looking to publish my work as their own, so this is why I’ve taken the steps I have.  

Thank you for understanding :)


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