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Matsu Katana



Matsu Katana (NEW MODEL!)
From Feilong Swords

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Steel – T-10
Nagasa – 28 3/8″
Overall length – 39 1/2″
Motohaba – 31 mm
Sakihaba – 21 mm
Motokasane – 7 mm
Sakikasane – 5 mm
POB – 6″
Tsuka length – 10″
Nakago length – 8 1/2″
Sori – koshi, 5/8″
Kissaki – chu, 1 1/2″

Weight w/saya – 2.9 Lbs.
Weight w/out saya – 2.3 Lbs.
Hamon – gunome midare (patterns might vary slightly from blade to blade)
Mune – iori

Blade measurements may vary slightly 

Comes with silk storage bag


About the Matsu katana

The Matsu katana is a brand new offering from Feilong Swords which features a classic shinogi-zukuri blade style as well as a classic Japanese motif. The Matsu, or pine tree, is said to symbolize longevity, virtue and youth in Japan. It is also revered all over the world by many cultures and even considered to be a deity by some. Strong, serene, prolific, graceful and everlasting. These qualities of the Matsu are also shared by this beautiful and purposeful new katana.

The 28 3/8″ blade of the new Matsu katana is in shinogi-zukuri style and features a graceful koshi sori (deepest part of the curvature happens nearest the tsuka) and an authentically created and striking gunome midare hamon. The classic look and feel of the Matsu katana is complemented by the rounded square iron tsuba featuring an engraving of an ancient Japanese pine tree in a field by a brook on the omote side and a branch reaching around overhead to the ura side on a backdrop of a moonlit sky. The blade seats firmly in a gloss black saya with real horn fittings. It comes complete with a black synthetic silk sageo and brass accented shitodome.


The slim and tapered tsuka of the Matsu katana feels extremely comfortable to grip and is tightly wrapped in black synthetic silk ito over real samegawa panels. The iron fuchi depicts a pine tree with long branches and Mt. Fuji in the background. The iron kashira shows a single graceful branch hanging low next to the tree’s trunk in a field of tall grasses. The menuki are a pair of Japanese pine trees and the tsuka is secured to the nakago with two bamboo mekugi. 

What really sets this katana apart from the rest though, as well as makes the whole look really pop, is the nickel plated habaki and seppa. Bright with a satin finish, they demand attention and work very well aesthetically. 


The blade of the Matsu katana is balanced perfectly to allow nearly effortless movement and tracking and just the right amount of power in the swing. It’s light and quick but will easily cut tatami mats, along with many other light to medium targets with power and precision. As all of our other Feilong Swords katana, the Matsu is highly recommended for those looking for a real workhorse katana to use in the dojo as well as in the backyard. This sword was designed and built to be a first class cutter and with it’s amazing balance, agility and power, it will not disappoint. With the Feilong Matsu katana, we are focused on bringing you the best handling and performing katana we could possibly create and for a price you can afford. And also just a touch of artful style. With proper care and maintenance, the Matsu katana will last a lifetime and is sure to become one of your favorite and most reliable cutters.


With a classic blade, pine tree motif fittings, unique nickel plated habaki and seppa and solid craftsmanship built to take on light to medium targets, the Feilong Matsu katana is at the top of it’s class. We are proud to introduce this brand new addition to the Feilong family of dedicated cutting swords. Finally, you get to see what it’s like to cut with a Feilong Matsu  katana, right here in the USA!

sword class nycWatch JSA Instructor Raab Rashi Sensei of Sword Class NYC

cut tatami mats with a new Matsu katana


old or dried/cured bamboo, wooden dowels or tree branches are considered an abusive target for a katana blade and can cause damage to the edge or cause a bend or set. cut targets at own risk and always use caution.





Only 2 left in stock!
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Matsu Katana 


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