"When a common sword just won't cut it"

Kotai Katana


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Steel – T-10
Nagasa – 28 3/8″
Overall length – 39 5/8″

Motohaba – 31 mm
Sakihaba – 21 mm
Motokasane – 7 mm 
Sakikasane – 5 mm
POB – 5 1/2″
Tsuka length – 10 5/8″
Nakago length – 9″
Sori – 3/4″ Tori
Weight w/saya – 2.93 Lbs. Weight w/out saya – 2.33 Lbs.
Hamon – sanbonsugi 
Mune – iori  
Comes with silk storage bag

The Kotai katana is a perfect example of classic style, form and function. This no-nonsense samurai sword is all about utilizing what is essential and shedding what isn’t. 

The Kotai offers a sleek and sexy blade of T-10 steel that is authentically clay hardened to produce a beautifully formed hamon. The blade has a moderate amount of niku (blade meat) making it a strong and efficient cutter. The blade tapers evenly down to the tip, ending in a geometric yokote. 

This powerful blade is complemented with a strong blackened steel tsuba featuring two large cut-outs and two udeneki (tying holes) found on the mune side as well as a decorative carved ring around the perimeter.  The steel fuchi and kashira offer both strength and a bit of style with decorative vertical and horizontal grooves. 

The tsuka is properly shaped and very comfortable to handle, featuring genuine same (ray skin) panels and tightly wrapped in super durable synthetic silk ito for years of hard use. The ito alternates correctly and utilizes paper hishigami to maintain the shape of the diamonds and to aid proper grip. 

The solid brass habaki is fitted with no gaps and has matching brass seppa to round off the swords hardware. 

The saya features real buffalo horn koiguchi and kojiri and is finished in a classic gloss black lacquer. Saya comes with a black sageo and sword comes with a silk storage bag.


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Kotai Katana 


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