"When a common sword just won't cut it"

Custom Matsu Katana

Semi-custom Feilong Matsu Katana

This Matsu katana has been given new samegawa, lacquered black w/ sanded tips and was wrapped in plush but very strong brown Tsunami ito. This faux suede ito is reinforced with an interior plastic strip, making it nearly unbreakable. The surface is so soft and comfortable, it makes it feel like you’re swinging a plush teddy bear… with a 3 foot razor blade attached!

The tsuka will come with a new set of black Delrin mekugi and the saya will include an imported premium brown chemical fiber sageo.

The end knots are reversed since I didn’t want to shorten the tsuka any more than necessary. This is purely aesthetic and does not affect performance at all but I have discounted the price for this inconsequential imperfection nonetheless.

All the other stats are the same as listed on the regular Matsu katana page  

Semi-Custom Matsu katana 


Questions? Just send me a message referencing the Semi-Custom Matsu katana via email or my contact page

katana will ship within 3-5 business days of purchase via usps parcel post.
There are no returns or refunds