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Cottontail Customs provides services to customize your katana, wakizashi, tanto, and other Japanese style swords. I specialize in modern production katana and iaito. Because I know how much our swords mean to us, I treat each sword with the utmost care so you can rest assured your precious sword is in great hands. 

I offer high quality tsukamaki in your choice of premium tsuka-ito as well as many other custom options such as: changing fittings, adding samegawa, shaping the tsuka core, replacing mekugi, and a lot more. I do not repair or polish blades, make or sell fittings, but I am happy to recommend these other professionals found on my links page.

I also sell fully customized katana, new katana, used katana, and a lot of other katana or tsukamaki related items, so be sure to check my for sale page to see what’s available. 

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The classic Kotai Katana from Feilong Swords is now in stock 


Learn more about Feilong swords here

There are a few new products available on our For Sale page. Check out our imported sageo and our antique tsuba

Attention: I am only accepting tsukamaki commissions until further notice. I apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you

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